Rules To Decorate Your First Apartment Without Spending

Our first home we never forget. And how to decorate an apartment for the first time too. It is very difficult to decorate an apartment from scratch and still leave it cozy and personalized. And probably not being able to spend a lot on decoration. But there are smarter ways to decorate the first apartment. Follow these basic rules. With them, you won’t have the kitchen or the bedroom of your dreams, but you’ll be able to set up your first space properly.

  1. Choose Furniture In The Right Size

Leave your dreams of a giant or super unique piece of furniture for your future homes. In a first apartment, very large pieces may not fit. Too small ones can make balance difficult.

  1. Choose Multipurpose Furniture

Always try to choose objects or furniture with at least two functions—for example, beanbags with chests. You can store books, blankets, and bed linen in the trunks if you’re short on closets. Sofa beds and dining tables that increase size or serve as desks are excellent ideas.

  1. Focus On Places To Store Things

When choosing between a beautiful piece and another with a place to store things, choose the second one. You can have a bed with a chest underneath, benches with chests and shelves to organize books, magazines, games, etc.

  1. Resist The Temptation Of Donated Furniture

It’s very tempting to go out and take everything the family doesn’t use anymore and put it inside your new apartment, so you don’t spend it. But be very careful with this, so that the furniture is not disjointed or lacking in its personality. Now, if your only option is to accept all donated furniture, “If you take your aunt’s old sofa, renew it with new pillows. A painting can transform shelves, tables, etc. You can also cover scratched furniture with pots or small pieces of decoration.

  1. Wallpaper

Many rental contracts prevent you from painting the walls, but you can install removable wallpaper. It has an affordable price, especially if you make it in one wall, and many options to choose one according to your style.

  1. Plants

All kinds of plants – whether real or fake – are welcome to bring an apartment to life. No matter what your budget, there are options to suit every budget. “You can arrange the plants on shelves, a drink cart, or hanging from the ceiling or plant trees in a condo (ต้นไม้ ปลูก ใน คอน โด which is the term in Thai).