You might be thinking, “what is bitcoin blackjack?” Bitcoin Blackjack is when you use bitcoin to gamble and get the same odds as traditional casino games. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t!

Bitcoin Blackjack offers players the same thrill of risk and reward as traditional casino games like slots, poker, craps, and roulette. Not only that but with Bitcoin Blackjack, you can play anonymously without risking your personal information. Here’s how to play bitcoin blackjack.

What Is Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack is similar to a traditional casino game with one major difference: players gamble in bitcoin instead of money. The player places their bet, and then the dealer deals a hand. The hand is compared to the dealer’s hand by calculating the total value of each card as well as the odds of winning.

The idea behind Bitcoin Blackjack is that you can play anonymously without risking your personal information. Everything runs through an encrypted server that keeps your personal and financial information safe, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

With Bitcoin Blackjack, you’re given the same opportunities for reward as other games. There are two possible hands in Blackjack: hit or stand, depending on whether or not you want more cards dealt with your hand. You either win or lose if your final total exceeds 21 points (or beats the dealer).

Find A Bitcoin Blackjack Site

The first step is to find a bitcoin blackjack site like You can find sites that offer bitcoin blackjack on the internet by searching “bitcoin blackjack” or by looking for the Bitcoin logo.

Choose how much you want to bet and what game you want to play

Your first step is to choose how much you want to bet and what game you want to play. You can start with a $1 minimum bet and go up from there.

The simplest game is the “hit or stand” game where players place their bets on whether they think the next card will be higher or lower than the last one. If the next card is higher, you win your bet, if it is lower, you lose your bet.

Another popular version of Blackjack is called “Dealer Choice” Blackjack in which the dealer deals two hands out of six cards each. Players are then given a chance to hit, stand, double-down or split their cards in this variation of Blackjack.

Place Your Bets

Once you start the game, you’ll be asked if you want to play “Betting” or “Table.” If you choose “Betting,” then you can place your bets with bitcoin. You can also change the number of hands and dealer rules that you want to play by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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