Taken: Exploring the Causes, Consequences, and Prevention of Kidnappings

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Kidnapping has been one of society’s greatest fears since the dawn of time, and unfortunately, it continues to be a reality for many individuals. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, India witnessed an increase in the number of
kidnapping happens(rapital capital) cases in 2020, with a total of 29,031 cases reported. This crime has become a global phenomenon and affects people from all walks of life. Kidnappings often lead to trauma, physical and emotional abuse, and sometimes even death. While we may not be able to entirely eradicate this crime, understanding the patterns can help us prevent it. 


Why Kidnapping Happens?

Kidnapping is usually committed for ransom, personal revenge, or for organized criminal activities such as human trafficking. It can also be spontaneous, where the abductor takes advantage of opportunity, such as children being lured into vehicles. Parents should educate their children and make them aware of the risks associated with this kind of behaviour. Avoiding suspicious places, strangers, and refusing food and drink from strangers are some of the vital lessons that should be imparted to children.


Who is At Risk?

Anyone can be a target, regardless of age, gender, and social status. Kidnapping can happen in various settings, such as schools, public places, and even inside homes. However, it is essential to understand that certain groups are more vulnerable than others. For example, underprivileged families, migrant workers, and individuals in conflict zones often face the highest risk of kidnapping. Such individuals may not have access to legal assistance or the ability to negotiate the release of their loved ones.


Preventive Measures

Prevention is always better than cure. Understanding how kidnappings happen can help in preventing them. It is important to conduct background checks regarding people we come in contact with through social media or other platforms. Installing CCTV cameras at homes and workplaces can also discourage potential abductors from pursuing the crime.


How to Respond in Crisis?

If you or someone you know happens to be a victim of kidnapping, it is crucial to stay calm and seek help immediately. Reporting to the police with any relevant information such as car model, license plate number, and specific characteristics of the abductor can aid in their swift capture. Every second counts in situations like these, so it is critical not to hesitate or delay in seeking help.


Kidnapping is a horrific crime that causes immeasurable emotional and psychological damage to its victims and their families. It is a global problem, and it is up to us to play our part in preventing it. By understanding the reasons behind kidnapping, being aware of who is vulnerable, taking preventive measures, and knowing how to respond in a crisis, we can help minimize incidences of this crime. Let us take steps towards creating a safer and secure world for our children, families, and communities.