Reasons Why You Should Buy An Automatic Watch

The automatic watch is becoming famous nowadays thanks to watching fans and the media, appearing in movies, series, etc. But is that the only reason to have one? So why should anyone buy an automatic watch? There are reasons why you should buy an automatic watch.

  1. It’s Unique And Sophisticated

One of the main reasons you should buy an automatic watch is its uniqueness and sophistication because its mechanical timing is free from any electrical or electronic. Thanks to its affordability, the quartz watch is the standard nowadays. Again, the fact that you can take it to a service center like Rolex service center (ศูนย์ ซ่อม rolex which is the term in Thai) for instance for repair. 

And this is the beginning of how electronics conquer our world. After that, phones, and then smartphones, spread, and almost everyone had them. Along with TVs, laptops, and other electronic devices, our lives seem to revolve around electronics.

And that’s why the automatic watch is so much more unique in today’s era of modern civilization, where everything requires electricity to be used. The automatic watch uses a new mechanism that works entirely on gears and moving parts to keep time. This feature is considered very cool and is one of the main reasons for its popularity among watch fans.

  1. No Battery Is Required

One should own an automatic watch because it doesn’t need a battery to run. The automatic watch relies on the wrist’s natural movement that stores potential energy inside the watch to make it work.

There is no need for a battery inside, as everything is done mechanically. This is quite handy as it means there is no need to change the battery every 1-2 years like a regular quartz watch. Clip the watch to your wrist, and it will work, or you can also manually wind it by turning its crown to increase its potential energy within the mainspring directly.

Also, less pollution to the environment as no harmful batteries are being thrown away every year. This feature of the automatic watch possibly makes it the greenest type of watch. It uses only standard mechanical parts made of metals without any harmful chemicals found in batteries and electronic chips.