Learn How to Make Shroom Tea 101

Seriously: This Tea Decreases Stress, Reduces Inflammation, and Promotes  Focus

In nature, magic mushrooms or shrooms grow in the wild or in shroom farms. They offer hallucinogenic properties that make you see scents or smell colors. You will tend to hallucinate all sorts of amazing things in a dreamlike setting thanks to shrooms.

One way to ingest magic mushrooms is by making shroom tea. Another way involves simply eating them. Make sure you get shrooms from valid sellers because they resemble another mushroom that’s instead poisonous instead of hallucinogenic.

How to Make Shroom Tea: Easy DIY Methods in 2021

  • A Great Method of Medication: Shroom tea allows you to medicate and meditate better. It also brings you to a world of pure imagination the same way high THC marijuana does. With it, you can experience euphoria as though in a waking yet dreamy state.
  • The Simplest Method of Making Shroom Tea: It involves steeping a tea bag or teabag made of shrooms in a cup of hot water or putting pieces of shrooms in a strainer while steeping it in hot water then draining their essence.
  • Open Up Your Creativity: Use shroom tea in order to open up your creativity significantly in an easy manner. Just drink the shroom tea and unlock the door towards infinite possibilities care of your mind’s altered state.
  • Regular Tea vs. Shroom Tea: Regular tea offers more flavor than medicinal effects even though there are health benefits preset with green tea as far as Traditional Chinese Medicine is concerned. The shroom makes it more hallucinogenic and euphoric to ingest.
  • Get Top Quality Ingredients: Magic mushrooms serve as the key ingredient for shroom tea. However, what type of magic mushroom you get will affect the weakness or strength of the tea in question. You can also avail of ready-made shroom teabags for your convenience.
  • Dried Out Mushrooms: A shroom teabag typically comes in the form of dried out mushroom pieces added with black, green, or herbal tea leaves to give the shroom tea a flavorful tang. When making a shroom tea of your own, choose herbal tea over caffeinated tea.
  • Why Not Use Caffeinated Shroom Tea? The reason why you shouldn’t use caffeinated tea when making shroom tea mostly has to do with restlessness. Being in a hallucinogenic state can already be anxiety-inducing to many. No need to add extra anxiousness with caffeine.
  • Uppers with Hallucinogenics Equals a Bad Time: Your psychedelic experience will become worse with the introduction of uppers or stimulants like caffeine or even methamphetamine. That’s a bad trip in the making right there.
  • Specifics of Shroom Tea: Get quality magic shrooms such as Alacabenzi Magic Mushrooms. They cost from $25 to $460 depending on the grade and amount of shrooms you avail of. You can also avail of Albino Shrooms Cubensis (A+) for about the same price range.
  • Simply Devote Focus and Attention: You should devote a modicum of time, focus, and presence of mind when making shroom tea. It might sound cheesy, but when you place love and attention in whatever you do, you will end up with fantastic results more often than not.