The Reasons for Shortage of Rolex Watches

Let’s claim you’re a well-to-do business person or lady or otherwise successful specialist. You have actually put in the moment to develop your craft, made the right professional steps, climbed the pecking order, as well as likely drive home in your German-built, deluxe sporting activities car.

Yes, you’ve made it, and currently, you may be believing it yourself that it’s time you purchased that standing symbol that lets everybody else understand you have made it whenever you walk into a space, a Rolex.

Well, we have got some problems though, you most likely cannot get one.

The wonderful Rolex scarcity

There are shortages around the world these days, from vehicles to the silicon chips that go into them, to coffee beans, as well as even bathroom tissue. The pandemic supply crunch fueled a lot of this, as well as this goes even for premium wristwatches.

While sales of these wristwatches dipped during the elevation of the pandemic in 2020, acquisitions have recently leaped higher. According to the FHS, a Swiss watch sector research team, Swiss watch sales were up 7.6% in July contrasted to the pre-pandemic baseline of 2019. Sales development leaped a massive 48.5% in July contrasted to 2019 levels, as well as even 75% in some countries.

Now, overall Swiss watch sales are up, but for privately-held Rolex, the scenario is more complicated. The story for Rolex in particular has been years in the making, also prior to factory closures that crimped supply.

Supply was somewhat due to COVID, where the factory was closed down for several months, which exacerbated the problem, yet the supply issue had already existed in the past.

Worldwide demand has gradually raised the last five years, as well as supply has kind of remained continuous, it’s a classic supply-demand scenario taking place, as well as this puts an “upward pressure on rates.”

It’s not that Rolex is purposefully reducing supply; it’s just that demand is so solid for a luxury product like Rolex watches.

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