Matching Family Swimwear – How To Pick Out Clothing Coordinates For The Whole Family

The family that wears matching clothes together, stays together! There’s nothing more adorable than a family vacation where everyone is wearing the same print. This post will give you some tips on how to pick out coordinating swimwear for the whole family.


Coordinated swimwear is often overlooked when packing for a fun-filled vacation. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you are traveling as a group of four or with just two, this guide will give you some helpful hints and tips on how to coordinate swimwear for the whole family.


Creating The Perfect Family Outfit For Traveling


When packing for a family vacation where everyone is going to be swimming, it can be difficult to find matching family swimwear for the whole family. Especially if you have more than three people in your group! Luckily, there are a few items that will help you pull it off.


The first step is finding out what the best type of bathing suit coverage is for your group. If you don’t all want complete coverage, then go with tankinis and one-piece suits. For example, if two of the members are girls, they can wear tankinis while the Father wears a one-piece suit. That way all three members will match but abide by their own personal preferences. 


If you choose to go with less coverage, then make sure that no one has bottoms and tops in the same print. This might seem like an easy violation to avoid but believe me it happens more often than not! If this does happen, just stick to solid colors or patterns that won’t clash when mixed together.


Another suggestion would be to get matching cover-ups for everyone – even if you don’t wear them on the beach or poolside! Cover ups can come in handy during water rides at an amusement park or even while eating lunch at the resort. You’ll never regret having a matching cover up because they’re so versatile and they make great souvenirs too!


How To Coordinate Swimwear For Other Activities


If you need to coordinate swimwear for a family that isn’t just going to be doing water activities, we recommend coordinating your bathing suits with the rest of your vacation. For example, if you’re visiting an amusement park or going to a theme park, try wearing matching clothes. If you are in a hotspot for wildlife, wear clothing with animals on them. You get the idea! Matching clothes are always fun and make everyone feel connected to one another.


To start, choose coordinating colors that match everyone’s skin tone. For example, blue tones will work well with any skin tone. Next, pick out patterns that match personality types. For example, if someone is boisterous and energetic, they may want a more vibrant pattern than someone who is quiet and introverted. This way it’s easy to find suits for the different people in your family that will fit their personality type and their skin tone!


Ending up with mismatched suits can be frustrating for both adults and kids alike so take the time to plan ahead before packing! It’ll be worth it when you see how happy everyone is during your next family vacation outing!


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