Dr Brian Blick’s Explanation Of Withdrawal Symptom

In the United States of America (USA) alone, several millions of people have been addicted to a pain relievers. The experienced Anesthesiologist who is called Dr Brian Blick, has assured that affected people can recover from the addiction. He also gives some tips on how people can reduce the risk of addiction. 

According to what Dr Brian Blick has stated on his personal website, by taking to instructions provided by your medical doctor, there is no way you can get addicted to pain tranquilizers or relievers. He also emphasizes the need to always take an actual dosage of pain medicine every time. These are sure ways through which Dr Brian Blick assures people will not get addicted.

And to those who have already got addicted, Dr. Brian also provides some recovery plans for them. These are;

  1. Accepting being addicted.
  2. Try to minimize the risk of pain medication addiction.
  3. Have a one-on-one chat with your physician.
  4. Take normal dosage.
  5. Know about the risk involved.
  6. Know the signs or symptoms of addiction.
  7. Get help. 

The first thing to do after discovering that you are somehow addicted to certain analgesic medicine is to look for help. Dr Brian Blick says that having a good roadmap toward recovery could only be provided by the pain specialist or Anesthesiologist. It is also this specialist doctor that could provide guides like he normally does on his online presence on how to minimize or lessen the risk of being addicted to drugs for relieving pain. 

If you have been experiencing pain and would have to take a pain reliever all the time, it is time to seek medical help. Let your physician know that you have been relying on pain tranquilizers to suppress and relieve the pain. What Dr Brian Blick usually tells his patients is that they should try to understand the advantages as well as demerits or risks of using analgesic medicine. He would, in addition to this, look for other alternatives other than taking medication that could help relieve the patients’ pain. 

This way, there would not be total reliance on an analgesic drug to relieve pain. And there would not be a likelihood of being addicted to the medicine.  

Even at that, Doctor Blick still maintains that chronic pain would need taking a pain reliever. He strongly advised that the accurate prescription as prescribed by the medical physician should be consumed. Dr Brian Blick warns against taking more than the tranquilizer prescribed by your doctor. If you do increase the dosage, maybe to get the quicker effect, you are likely going to develop an addiction to the pain reliever. 

Dr. Blick also stresses the need to visit his website so as to understand the risks that are associated with taking analgesic substances all the time. Specifically, he mentioned and explained three (3) risks that are involved which are;

  1. Liberality or resilience.
  2.  Physical reliance or dependence.
  3. Excessive or overdose.

Being resilient means that your body has got resistance to the pain medicine and would need more than a dosage before experiencing its effect. Such a person, according to Dr Brian Blick, would begin to experience withdrawal symptoms (physical reliance) on the drug and would want to be taking overdose on it