Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis is a kind of plant used as a medical drug.  Many studies have proved its effectivity on its users up until this recent time. This plant is famous for its name “Marijuana” which has a psychoactive compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which is used in many medical treatments. This compound has brought a variety of products to the market today and one of these is the Cannabis Tincture. On the other hand, it is known for its name “green dragon” which has a lesser CBD ratio and it is predominantly due to the other substances to enhance its flavor like essential vitamins (B12, D, C, etc.), sweeteners, herbs, melatonin, etc.

As mentioned above, this product has brought a lot of positive feedbacks from its consumers as their doctors have recommended, cannabis tincture. Here are some:

  • It offers good sleep. -This problem is a very issue for many people around the world, not being able to sleep after a long tiring day which greatly affects their health in all aspects. Cannabis tincture is a powerful aid for sleeping disorders since it reinstitutes the sleeping cycle, which often falls out with our modern lifestyle these days.

  • It reduces mental disorders– Both anxiety and depression are known as the common mental health problems of people in this modern world. There are numerous reports about cannabis tincture that has helped them cope up with their social mental disorder. Additionally, this tincture has been used to treat post-traumatic disorder which is a good factor when using.

  • It will boost productivity. Being productive in a day is one of our listed ideas we wanted to become and this cannabis has this effect on users in becoming them a productive one. They become reasonable on what they are doing with great purpose in life. Since good sleep and anxiety are answered, productivity will arouse.


The founder of Cordial Organics.


Cordial Organics is a known company because of its effective cannabis tincture products. It was founded by Desi McKinnon, a designer that specializes in graphic arts with an unimaginable passion for herbalism. She was the author of the book “The Book of Questions for New Parents”. Aside from its effective products, her company is known for its aesthetic and clean upshot. They also produced blogs to educate people about their products since many got curious about how cannabis impacts people’s mood, sleep, anxiety, and immune function. They also offer not just tinctures, they also have facial oils, lip balms, bath salts, herbal tinctures for pets, rose and lavender hydrosol, and a lot more through their websites.

For people who have difficulty napping/relaxing, unreasonable neck and back pain, inordinately unproductive for a long time- then tincture is the best for you! Why not try this product once and observe its effect on you? You won’t lose anything by trying out! Life is too short to suffer from the problems mentioned above. Of course, It is also better to ask your doctor and consider their opinion about it. Have a healthy life ahead!